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8MP CCTV systems from £1200

8MP CCTV Systems by Digital Network CCTV Digital Network CCTV are now installing 8MP CCTV Systems complete with a 4K Network Video Recorder or in camera storage. Our installers are fully qualified, vetted, Enhanced DBS checked and trained by our manufacturers to the highest standards. Digital Network CCTV are specialists in our field, we do…
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1st April 2019 0
Protec fire alarms

Milton Keynes Academy Protec Fire Alarms Installation

Digital Network have successfully completed a large extension to the academy’s existing Protec fire alarms system. Protec fire alarms are closed protocol but it is possible to get them opened so that other suppliers can work on them. Digital network are fully qualified fire alarm engineers who can work on many closed protocol systems including…
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15th September 2018 0

Hikvision Silver Value Added Partner

Digital Network Fire and Security Ltd are now a approved partner for Hikvision CCTV products vasp

26th July 2018 0

Digital Network now installing Hikvision Thermal Cameras

HIKVISION THERMAL CAMERAS SEEING THE UNSEEN All objects with a temperature above absolute zero emit thermal radiation, even at low levels. This kind of radiation, invisible to the human eye, can be detected by thermal imaging sensors. Thermal cameras can produce images in the visual spectrum by detecting temperature differences between an object and its…
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15th June 2018 0

Netgenium open day

See us on Wednesday at the ezcctv open day in Manchester.

11th June 2018 0

Intrepid Fence detection systems

Digital Network are a qualified Intrepid Fence detection systems installer. Intrepid Fence Detection systems by Digital Network. Michael is our perimeter security fencing expert, has has passed all the required qualifications to install, test, service and maintain Southwest Microwaves perimeter detection systems.

9th June 2018 0